Saturday, March 12, 2011

Snow Tourism. Sierra Nevada, Holiday

. Saturday, March 12, 2011

Puerto de la Ragua Ski resort

The Puerto de la Ragua is dedicated to the practice of the cross country ski and other sport activities compatible with the surroundings. Their activities coexist in harmony with the natural place that surrounds it.

Located in the less-known part of the National Park of Sierra Nevada, the Puerto de la Ragua appears like natural pass between the provinces of Granada and Almeria.

From the Recreational Station of the Puerto de la Ragua - located to 2,000 m of height and escorted by the peaks of Chullo (2.611m.) to the east and the Morrón Sanjuanero (2,602 m.) to the west - the Alpujarra can be contemplated, the Almeria’s beaches, the Cabo de Gata, the Mountain ranges of Baza, Cazorla, Segura and the Villas and El Marquesado.

The station of La Ragua offers a complete range of services and facilities, standing out among them:

- Lodge-refuge with capacity for 32 people. It has the following services: toilets, showers, heating, hall, service of bar-restaurant and in the basement it has a service of rent of material of cross-country skiing (boots, sticks, skis) and sleighs.

- Point of Information. Telephone: 950 524 020. It has two rooms for the interpretation of the environment and another for the crafts articles sale.

- Tracks of Cross-country skiing: They form a total ski complex of 40 km:

- Circuit of Bayárcal, with 5.5 km of circular route.

- Circuit of Ferreira, with 7.5 km of circular route, and diverse variants of connection.

- Track of Laroles, with 2 km of lineal route.

- Track of the Laguna Seca, with 11 km of lineal route. (Multipurpose). Only when the conditions allow it can be used in its totality.

- North side of the Chullo Track, 9 km when the snow allows it.

- Hornillo Track, 5 km, when the snow allows it.

- Circuit of physical preparation. Located throughout the track of Bayárcal, it consists of 21 points for the accomplishment of maintenance exercises.

- Permanent Orientation Circuits. Seven circuits of different length and difficulty.

- Network of Footpaths, among which a section of the GR-7, the ascent to the Chullo, the ascent to the Hornillo, the Viewpoint of the Alpujarra, the Viewpoint of Aldeire and the one of the Laguna Seca, stand out.

- Routes and ability circuit for mountain bikes.
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