Saturday, March 12, 2011

Koah Rong – Koh Rong Island, Cambodia Asia

. Saturday, March 12, 2011

Koh Rong Beach, Cambodia, by Flickr Janus GrankaGrab your backpack. We’re off to a part of the world you’re probably wondering how and why you’ve made this a destination to visit. And yet, there is something appealing about the beaches in Cambodia. There is so much history around beaches – that’s one of the main reasons we keep hunting them down.
Find a map and let’s plot – Thailand… Cambodia… ah, yes! Bungalows and beaches and maybe more bugs than you’re used to. But before you break out the can of spray, let’s consider why you’d want to venture this far out of your circle of safety – if you do make that decision.
Koh Rong Beach, Cambodia, by Flickr Janus Granka
We’ve all traveled to the popular destinations like Cancun or Aruba, and even venturing as far as Rio, but very few have had the unique privilege of traveling to Cambodia. Three Best Beaches took off to find out what the talk was among the tourist industry for this striking part of Asia.
When you think about Cambodia, you may be reminded of conflict. The Baby Boomer generation lived through the horror that tore through this part, and yet many who either served there, or returned after the war, know that this is a tropical paradise.


Setting aside the turmoil, which ironically occurred on many of the beautiful South Pacific islands as well in World War II, Cambodia is a gem; especially Koh Rong or Kaôh Rōng Island, where we happened to take a look. Sitting near the mainland, the nation is taking pains to create this area’s very first environmentally friendly resort.
Koh Rong Beach, Cambodia, by Flickr Janus GrankaDon’t confuse Koh Rong with Koh Rong Samloem, which is a smaller island to the south. Major construction is underway on Koh Rong for the new resort, while Koh Rong Samloem has established resorts.
That said, there are two resorts on Koh Rong: Paradise Bungalow Resort and Sok San Beach Bungalows, both on spectacular long beaches.
These resorts are not as well established and rustic. Expect mosquitoes and other animals that may make your stay seem not so resort-like. Still, while the rest of the island is being developed, these are viable alternatives. Bungalows will run around $40 a night and sleep four.
Koh Rong Mosquito Net, Cambodia, by Flickr Janus GrankaThere is good diving, snorkeling and some good beach time to be had on Koh Rong, but it’s not ready for prime time, yet.
Beach Index:
- Sand – Soft white
- Facilities – full at resort
- Sports – diving, snorkeling
- You won’t find beaches much better than this, but beware of mosquitoes and make sure your netting fits your bed well. Bugs abound.

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