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Best Beach in Algarve, Portugal Europe

. Saturday, March 12, 2011

Armacao de Pera - Algarve - The beach - Portugal - AlgarveDue to the mild nature of the weather of Algarve beaches and surrounding area, ideal for many outdoor sporting activities such as water sports, golf in one of the numerous world-class golf courses, tennis, horse riding, and many more. The Algarve not only known for its cosmopolitan nightlife with many bars and clubs but also for the many waterside restaurants serving fresh fish and “cataplana” (a local shellfish specialty). The Algarve beaches are the best place to enjoy sun sea and sand in Portugal. The climate is great and there are over 100 miles of the finest soft golden sand beaches. The Algarve is in the process of ‘modernization’ both in terms of property development and infrastructure, leading to the urbanization of some rural locations and the resurfacing of many of the old dirt roads. From season to season therefore, changes to routes will be needed.

Armacao de Pera – Algarve, Portugal
The Algarve is among the most popular tourist destinations in Portugal, its population more than doubles in the peak holiday season thanks to a high influx of visitors. The nightlife in the Algarve is perfect for those who just want to have a good time. It doesn’t have the reputation of Ibiza but it has just as many bars and clubs and, some would say, a much nicer atmosphere. The Algarve is a popular destination for tourism, primarily because of its beaches, Mediterranean climate, safety and numerous golf courses. The length of the south-facing coastline is approximately 155 kilometers.

Odeceixe - Algarve - Nice dog on the beach - Portugal - Algarve
The West Algarve is a magnificent area of Portugal with lots to offer those looking for a permanent home or holiday home in the sun. The Western Algarve area has golf courses, magnificent beaches, historic towns and marinas. The Algarve is a popular destination for tourism, primarily because of its beaches, Mediterranean climate, safety and relatively low costs. In the 1960s the Algarve became a very popular destination for tourists, mainly from Britain. The Algarve is bordered by the Bay of Cadiz to the south, the Atlantic to the West, the region of the Alentejo to the north and the Spanish province of Huelva to the east. It is a hilly area, with fertile valleys, being in particular split by the Rio Formosa which empties into the sea at Faro.
Praia da Marinha - Marinha Beach, Algarve
Praia da Marinha
Love it or hate it, the Algarve is Portugal’s premier holiday destination, with pretty beaches, brash resorts and picturesque whitewashed towns that flood with foreigners when summer arrives. While the party atmosphere isn’t for everyone, the setting is undeniably beautiful. The Algarve is a paradise of calm. Sitting in the shade and doing nothing is practically a national sport! The period of Moorish domination of the Algarve is well represented since they were rulers here for 500 years. It is an entirely captivating experience to thread a route through narrow cobbled streets, remembering that this was an important Moorish citadel.
Faro (Algarve) Farol Island. East beach
Farol Island, East beach
Eating out in the Algarve is a delight. The food is fresh and wholesome. The Algarve is at its most pleasant during spring and fall, when resorts are uncrowded but the waters of the Atlantic are warm enough for swimming. Winter can also be pleasant, with average daily January highs of 59 F (15 C). If you like your beaches, the Algarve is a great choice. There is everything possible to ensure the best of holidays in the sun.
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