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Top Beaches in California Holiday

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Top Beaches in California

Wiew our list for the top beaches in California rated by their beauty, view, ocean, experience, people, and more!  From Northern California Beaches to the best beaches in Southern California, find the beach that is perfect for you in California.  California boasts some of the best beaches in the United States, perfectly located on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, you can find great waves for surfing or boogie boarding, great beach towns and shops, and also great looking and beautiful women in the beaches of California. If you enjoyed our list of the top ten beaches, then you’ll love these beaches in California.  If your planning a vacation and a trip visiting California or staying in a beach town, then this list of the top beaches in California will help make your trip more pleasant.  So put the top down and cruise in your car up the Pacific Coast Highway 1 and enjoy some of the greatest US beaches and top beaches that the state of California has to offer.

Dana Point Beach
DanaPoint Top Beaches in California
Dana Point © Copyright 2011
If you look close you can see tons of surfers surfing in the cold but beautiful waters in Dana Point. It’s a great surging destination. Top beaches in Dana Point include Salt Creek Beech, Baby Beach, Swim Beach, Doheny State Beach, Capistrano Beach Park, and Poche Beach
DanaPoint2 Top Beaches in California

Pacific Ocean Beach in Dana Point © Copyright 2011
DanaPoint3 Top Beaches in California
Salt Creek Beach © Copyright 2011
Crystal Cove State Beach
CrystalCove Top Beaches in California
Crystal Cove State Beach © Copyright 2011

Crystal Cove State Beach is a gem to find in California. Many local Californians don’t even know the beach exists as it’s tucked in an exclusive area off the Pacific Coast Highway. The best way to get to the Crystal Cove Beach is to park in the Crystal Cove Park and walk down to the beach. There is a great cafe and you will feel as if you are on an Island town as you find beach shops and cute shopping. You can even hike around the Crystal Cove State Beach Park to find a location to relax by the beach and enjoy the beautiful view all by yourself. If you have bikes and enjoy riding, this beach park is a great place to ride by the Pacific Ocean and enjoy the ocean view. There is also parking whereby you can take a bus for around $1 to the secluded beach and also take the bus back to your parking. All in all, it makes for a great trip and well worth the visit to Crystal Cove State Beach. La Jolla Beach
La Jolla is just outside of San Diego and is a beautiful little town that you must visit if you’re traveling around San Diego. La Jolla boasts a large population of Seals and you can view the Seals basking in the sun around the beach. Be sure to not get to close as they can bite, but they typically not dangerous. Still they’re great to see up close in their own environment at La Jolla and enjoy some cool chopping in La Jolla after visiting the beach.
Newport Beach
Newport Beach brings a great California lifestyle to the beach and provides a great strip of beach with tons of party goers. You could say that Newport Beach is one of the most fun beaches in California as tons of people will hit the restaurant on the pier or just hang outside in the sun and party near the bear. Expect to have a good time and also see some beautiful women and bikini’s at Newport Beach, one of the top California Beaches.
Corona Del Mar Beach

CoronaDelMar Top Beaches in California
Corona Del Mar Beach © Copyright 2011

Corona Del Mar brings you the best of Orange Country California beaches in one spot. It’s breathtaking views and walks show flowers and more as you find birds of all kinds. View the Newport Coast and boats come in and out of Balboa island as you walk the coast around Corona Del Mar. Corona Del Mar is one of the most desired real estate locations in California due to it’s great location and wonderful views of the Pacific Ocean. Malibu Beach

Malibu Top Beaches in California
Malibu in California © Copyright 2011

Malibu is the home of most of the Celebrities and superstars in Hollywood. Find tons of spectacular homes and private beaches and houses in Malibu. It’s worth a drive and findings some exclusive beaches to view up the Malibu Coast. Santa Monica Beach

SantaMonica Top Beaches in California
Santa Monica Beach California © Copyright 2011

Santa Monica is a great place to visit and enjoy the pier. Find great restaurants and tons of carnival games on the pier to win your loved one a stuffed animal. The beach is great for bike riding and getting a breath taking view of the California Coast. Santa Monica beach is 3 blocks from the Santa Monica promenade where you can find tons of great shopping. Manhattan Beach

ManhattanBeach Top Beaches in California
Manhattan Beach © Copyright 2011
Check out Manhattan Beach for one of the top beaches in California and the best beach that’s the closest to Los Angeles. Manhattan Beach is great beach town and a great place for a bike ride or roller blading down and passing some nice Beach front properties. You can also find the beach house from the TV show 90210 sitting on the end of the beach, in which they the 90210 kids celebrated their beach summer on Manhattan Beach. Manhattan beach in California hosts the home of major beach volleyball tournaments and you can see the massive width of the beach lay perfect to tons of volleyball courts. Check out Manhattan Beach on the weekend for great volleyball matches and relaxing in the hot summer sun of California. Walk up the hill to some great restaurants and great night life with tons of fun in Manhattan Beach Venice Beach
Venice Beach is definitely the most wacky beach in California. Find tons of the crazy personality’s and beach stands, artists, musicians, and more in Venice Beach. View the famous outdoor gym frequented by celebrities and Arnold Schwarzenegger before he was the governor of the state of California. Venice beach boasts tattoo parlors and unique artist shops, with tons of people who moved out to California for that relaxing lifestyle.
Huntington Beach
Huntington Beach is known for it’s surfer competitions and cool beach town. It’s beach stretches for miles leading in the doggy beach. If you love dogs, then you must check out doggy beach in Huntington Beach. The Doggy beach brings together tons of dog owners with their animals to let their dog roam and run in the water and waves of Huntington beach
San Diego County Beaches
San Diego County Boasts some great beaches, the most popular being La Jolla beach.
Laguna Beach

LagunaBeach Top Beaches in California
Laguna Beach - Southern California © Copyright 2011

Laguna Beach takes the cake for the best beach in California. The Pacific Coast around Laguna Beach boast cliffs and views that are second to none in California. There are tons of spots to park and view the beach and hike around the beach and the cliffs. Take a drive up Nyes Place street and view Laguna Beach from up above and you’ll see a breathtaking view of Southern California. Drive down to south Laguna Beach, where spectacular resorts such as the Montage over look the cliffs and raging ocean waters below. Laguna also bring beautiful women and a ton of art along the strip. Find great paintings and artists all over Laguna Beach, great shopping and great cafe’s to enjoy and grab a great lunch after your surfing or wake boarding adventure in Laguna Beach. Seagulls fly and you will enjoy the true beauty of California in all it’s glory in the beautiful Laguna Beach
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