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5 Most Beautiful Country of Nature and Eco Tourism

. Wednesday, March 23, 2011

 5 Most Beautiful Country of Nature and Eco Tourism

Since the last few years, there has been growing awareness about the environment and sustainability, thanks to massive campaigns against global warming. This is slowly changing the trends in choice of destinations for holidaying too. There is a growing demand among travelers for destinations that are eco-friendly. You may feel that there are limited options for you to choose from. But fact is, there are countless such destinations all over the globe that are worth visiting.
Top 5 eco-tourism destinations for 2010
Here, we have listed out some of the top destinations that you can visit if you are a green warrior. These destinations are for you if you are keen on protecting the environment while traveling and having fun.
Costa Rica:
Costa Rica This country has been identified as the greenest country in the world. It is actively eco-friendly in every way possible. This country strives to be green, right from conserving wildlife to promoting eco-tourism. It is possibly the best example of an environment-friendly nation.
Costa Rica has beautiful black sand beaches, misty and lush green rain-forests, gushing rivers, along with a number of wildlife reserves housing some rare and endangered species of flora and fauna. There are also a large number of resorts and hotels that are nature-friendly. This is one green destination to look out for if you wish to be sensitive to the environment and have loads of fun at the same time.
Kerala, India:
kerela india This is a small state nested in the southwestern corner of India. Many call it “God’s Own Country”, a name that couldn’t be any closer to describing this heavenly destination. It is one of the most pristine locations in India, well preserved and protected.
Kerala has lush green forests and unspoiled sandy beaches. Along with this, it houses a very wide range of flora, many of them endangered. The Lake Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is home to animals like wild boar, elephants and bison. The Rajamala National Park is home to the nilgiri tahr, which is an extremely endangered species of mountain goat. This is the place for you if you like being amidst nature and take in all its sights, smells and sounds.
Brazil (also spelled Brasil):
brazil You may not think of Brazil when it comes to green destinations, as it is known mostly for its beach holidays. But it now slowly emerging as a hot destination for eco-travelers, with the government and the people adopting many environment-friendly measures.
Brazil is home to the Amazon basin, which has been recognized as having the highest concentration of biodiversity in the world. Many species in this region are yet to be documented, and many others are rare and endangered species. To go along with this, there are a number of resorts and hotels that use eco-friendly resources. Almost as much as eighty five percent of the electricity used in homes comes from renewable sources. So if you are an environment and wildlife enthusiast, this is the place to be.
kenya Kenya is a place that you would imagine as vast Savannah with zebras, lions and elephants all around. Well, you will surely find these in Kenya. But there is a lot more to explore in this country than the wildlife. It is a destination with some exciting adventures on offer.
Kenya has more than fifty national parks and wildlife reserves, with a huge variety of animals and birds along with lush rain-forests. In addition, there are lakes, sandy beaches, coral reefs, deserts, mountains and even snow-capped peaks, each with their own unique flora and fauna to boast. You will find all this in a superbly diverse ecosystem, most of which has been well-maintained and preserved. This destination is for you if you love variety and would like to take frequent safaris in thick jungles.
Norwegian Fjords:
Norwegian FjordsThis is a destination that not many may know of. It is extremely remote and hidden away safely by its location as well as government regulations preserving it. Norway is a world leader in environmental policy, and this is reflected in the way its ecology is preserved.
The Norwegian Fjords offer waters that are crystal clear and pristine, snow-capped mountains and cascading waterfalls. There is a lot of wildlife here to go with this scenic and beautiful surroundings. If you are looking for some fun and adventure, this place also offers you a chance to go biking and hiking across the rugged terrain if the fjord. You can also get a glimpse of age-old traditions in small fishing villages that are scattered all over the region.
These are some of the top destinations that you could look at when planning your holiday if you are looking at having a good time while keeping up your role as an eco-warrior.
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