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The world's most beautiful coral islands

. Monday, April 4, 2011

Atlantis: A ‘lost’ island in the Atlantic, west of Gibraltar. According to Plato, in prehistory this reach island was swallowed by the sea following an earthquake. It has been associated with Scandinavia, America and the Canary Islands.

The Most Beautiful Islands in the World

The Most Beautiful Islands in the World

There are more than half a million islands in the world. Islands are classified as either oceanic or continental. Oceanic islands rise to the surface from the ocean floor. Continental islands occur where a rise in sea level has drowned a region of continental shell, leaving higher areas of land separated from the mainland. Some islands, such as South Georgia in the South Atlantic, are a combination of the two. Coral islands, also known as atolls, consist of a near-continuous ring of coral reef enclosing a Lagoon. They mostly occur on the flanks of extinct volcanoes.
Oceanic Islands – Volcanic

Volcanic islands form where underwater volcanoes and activity at plate margins create a build-up of lava that rises above sea level. At mid-ocean ridges, where two oceanic plates are moving apart, volcanoes are large and are fed by a constant stream of magma Iceland, the Azores and St Helena all rise from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Where two plates converge and one plunges under the other a string of islands, known as a volcanic island arc, forms parallel to the plate boundary. The Aleutians, Indonesia and the island of Japan formed in this way.

A hotspot is a fixed magma source deep in the mantle below the moving crust. As the crust moves across the hotspot a chain of progressively older islands forms. The Hawaiian Islands formed in this way.
Hotspot: as the ocean crust moves over the hotspot the first volcano is carried away and a new one forms over the hotspot.

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