Thursday, April 12, 2012

Oludeniz Turkey Travel - Resort Review 2012

. Thursday, April 12, 2012

Oludeniz Turkey Travel - Resort Review

The Oludeniz beach is one of the most famous beaches of Turkey. It is very popular because of its amazing landscapes. This beach is a real beauty and is breathtaking The Oludeniz beach is nothing less compared to the famous Hawaiian and Florida beaches, because of the immense beach activities.

This beach is located approximately 8.5 kilometers south of Fethiye, amidst the beautiful mountains. These mountains actually constitute the launch pads for the tandem gliders and the Para gliders.

The Oludeniz beach is rated among the top five best beaches of the world by travelers and tourist journals. The beach is till date one of the most photographed beaches that are on the Mediterranean Sea. The Oludeniz beach has a very secluded sandy bay on a blue lagoon. This lagoon is a national reserve so building is strictly prohibited. It is called a blue flag beach officially because of its famous aquamarine and blue shades.

The Oludeniz beach resort is regarded as one of the best places for paragliding, because of its different panoramic views, and also the exceptional height of the Babadağ Mountain. The paragliding activities are in full swing during the season. This place is full of visitors because of the perennial horde of the sun and also because of its beauty.

The Oludeniz beach has a very laid back ambience, and has a very welcoming atmosphere. The blue lagoon of this beach has crystal clear and calm waters so this is the reason this beach is apt for a lot of water sports and is also a very safe beach for children to swim. It is one of the most pleasant and beautiful beaches of Turkey.

The main beach of Oludeniz has a very attractive promenade to border it, which is lined by small shops, amazing restaurants and very nice cafes. This ambience creates a perfect holiday mood.

There are also a lot hotels and inns to accommodate the tourist during the peak season time this place must be booked much in advance. The Oludeniz beach is an ideal place for a good and fun filled holiday with family and friends.
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