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Information about the beaches of El Alamein in Egypt

. Wednesday, April 11, 2012

El Alamein is a township about 105 kilometers from Alexandria, and if you have never heard of it before, you are among the throngs who could say the same. While not well known, El Alamein boasts some fantastic beachfront and historical sites everyone should endeavor to look into at least once in a lifetime.

El Alamein, claimed Winston Churchill some time ago, has the best climate on the planet. Summer and winters are separate here, and it lays claim to a huge stretch of white sand beach with pacing turquoise and sapphire ocean waters. Some rocky outcroppings add visual interest to the scenery, but swimming here can be difficult due to the rocky bottom. It is deeply beautiful and picturesque, with the polished sands perfect for sunbathing, lazing, sand sports, playing or just walking on. There is a luxury gated community here, where the upper crust of the Egyptian elite resides, and every morning is inspired by the sight of the beach as it glistens in the early light. Other hotels and resorts make their home here, too, for those interested in a stay.

Not 20 kilometers away is another beach named Sidi Abdel Rahman, a luxurious resort set on the shining white sands and crystalline waters of the Red Sea. Here, the swimming is excellent as the ocean is calm and safe, thanks to the reef breakwater further out. These beaches are the most western of those available in Egypt, where the beach culture and expectation are different. Cocktails and bikinis are the norm in this area, but other places tend to be more conservative and others just outright crowded. Because they are relatively unknown, El Alamein and Sidi Abdel Rahman are magnificent options for the Westerner looking for luxury and an exquisite getaway.

El Alamein, Egypt
However, while not known for its beach, El Alamein is known for its vast World War II commemorative park, where thousands of soldiers who gave their lives are buried or remembered. El Alamein is famous in the annals of history where the Allied troops gained a great victory over the Axis powers early in the war, and changed the face of the North African campaign. Field Marshall Rommel of the German-Italian forces was said to have used the El Alamein beach for recreation. The war museum and war memorial based here are huge draws among Europeans and definitely worth an unhurried visit if in the area.

Other beaches are close by the town, where a small hook of land twists inward to face El Alamein. All western-located are Lido Beach, the Shahata al-Gharam (the Beach of Lovers) and, approximately seven kilometers outside of town crouches, Cleopatra Beach, where the famous Queen is said to have bathed, though swimming there is difficult. Just a meter off shore, the beach plunges sharply, leaving it perhaps good for experienced divers, but not ideal for recreational swimmers.

With some shores better for sunning or picture-taking rather than swimming, there is still much to be enjoyed at and near El Alamein, including the war museum, which is a definite bonus. Egyptian luxury is famous around the world, so a vacation at a resort here is second to none. Experience it for yourself at stunning El Alamein.
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