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The French Beaches Most Beautiful in Europe 2012

. Thursday, April 12, 2012

When most of us think of a French Beach we think of the beaches of the French Riviera. Indeed French Riviera beaches are chic, warm and beautiful but did you know your beach holiday in France can be far from the Riviera, even far from the South of France and be just as fabulous?
You can find a wonderful French beach on the Atlantic, the English Channel, or the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean beaches are generally warmer, the Atlantic a bit cooler and the Channel cooler still yet stunning and quieter.

The Mediterranean Beaches
Let’s start with the French Riviera Beaches

On the Mediterranean, the French Riviera is France’s top attraction for beaches and chic resorts:

French Riviera beaches dot the coast from east to west with the big traditional resorts of Menton, Monaco, Nice and Cannes with smaller, quieter and chic Cap Ferret, Antibes, and Juan Les Pins nestled in between.
There is lots to see and do when you’re not enjoying a dip in the sea or a lie on the beach.
Continuing westward are the smaller resorts of St-Tropez and Cassis. This French beach, French Riviera beach area lies on beautiful coves and bays. Included here are St. Raphael , Hyeres, Toulon (where my cousin recently got married. He’s in the French Navy and this is his home port), and La Ciotat.

Mediterranean Beaches - French Beaches West of the Rhône
French beaches west of the Riviera are warm, beautiful and less crowded Mediterranean beaches.
The Camargue


The Camarque at sunrise

At the mouth of the Rhône is the Camargue Reserve, one of the largest wetlands reserves in Europe. It is a great place for bird watching and learning about the flora and fauna of the area. This is a French beach for watching wildlife not becoming one of them. (ie swimming and watersports)
Back to a beach for us, west of the reserve is Stes-Maries-de-la-Mer with the white sandy beaches of the dunes of the Camargue. Besides sunning and swimming activity there is Horse back riding. The area is famous for its horses! 4 mi east is a naturist beach if you like to beach au natural.
West of the Rhône are the sandy beaches of Languedoc-Roussillon with modern resorts like la Grande Mote and tourist inspired replicas of fishing villages. Lots of opportunity for all sorts of sporting activities like golf and tennis.

The Atlantic French Beaches

Olonne sur Mer
©Florian Pepellin Creative Commons
France beaches on the Atlantic are long stretches of fine sand and less crowds making this a top choice for vacationers. South Near Spain
Biarritz – 3 good France beaches, and the best surfing in Europe.
Saint–Jean-de Luz - south of Biarritz and the last major town before you get to Spain – the safest place to swim on this stretch of coast because its natural harbor protects the shoreline. North - Beaches in Brittany
Le Baule – a sandy France beach, 8 miles long, the longest in Europe
On the Gulf du Moriban – Carnac plage.
Brittany France is one of my favorite places to visit because it’s off the tourist track.

English Channel
The Beaches in France on the English Channel are stunning.

Beaches in Brittany:
The Pink Granite Coast beaches –beautiful pink rocky coast The Emerald Coast beaches – water is a beautiful emerald green, hence the name.
Beaches in Normandy:
D day beaches – history, sightseeing and swimming vacation beaches.
Beaches in Normandy D Day beaches pack a wallop of history and chic vacation beaches further east make this a great holiday location.

source: french-culture-adventures 
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